Managing Timekeeping Across a Facility

Managing Timekeeping Across a Facility

Large facilities have unique challenges when it comes to managing employee timekeeping and contractor labor costs. They often have different work groups that require different solutions to meet their needs. In the past, large facilities have oftentimes needed multiple software solutions to handle the diversity of their requirements. However, with easily configurable and rules-driven functionality, companies can now implement a single solution to meet the varied requirements across their facility. To do so, companies should consider the following:

Easy to Use

How easy to use is the software? If it is going to take more time to train users to use the timekeeping solution, they will take the easy way out and not properly manage their time. The solution has to be easy to use, yet capable of capturing the essential data that a company needs to track.

Highly Configurable

One of the challenges that a large facility faces in implementing a single solution for timekeeping is that different departments and business units often work within the same facility. These different groups often have different needs when it comes to recording and managing time. For example, the maintenance department may need to track time against work orders, while the security group needs only to track entry and exit times. Presenting a security guard with a time entry field for work orders could easily lead to mistakes in data entry and bad data. Therefore the system should be highly configurable, allowing the different groups within a company to track time against different priorities.

Highly Scalable

A system that is highly configurable to meet the different needs of a large facility needs also to be highly scalable. When companies start to track time against very granular pieces of data — work orders, for example — databases can begin to get very large. A solution needs to be architected to handle this large scale of information without sacrificing usability and configurability.

Facilities are large and complex, and tracking the labor for them can be a challenge. In many cases, facilities solve these challenges by deploying multiple timekeeping solutions. However, this can lead to inconsistency and an unnecessary burden on IT departments. By selecting an easy to use, highly configurable and highly scalable application, facilities can have all of their needs met with a single solution, saving time and money.

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