The Benefits of Automated Timekeeping for Human Resources

The Benefits of Automated Timekeeping for Human Resources

Benefits of Automated Time and Attendance

A time and attendance system refers to any employee logging system which calculates the time worked for the calculation of payroll at the end of the month. These systems were traditionally manual which required employees to time in using punch cards or by the creation of a log by the HR. The manual system was notorious for the manner in which it could be manipulated. Since HR was often ill equipped to manage the bulk of the data, employees were able to call in sick more than their share. Other problems such as rounding off minutes, late arrivals and human errors were also common.

This problem was solved by the arrival of automated time and attendance systems which allowed employers to track the hours spent by the employee at the workplace with accuracy. Automated systems either implement a bar code scanner, pin number or biometrics for the accurate calculation of payroll. Employees are provided with a personal pin number to input or a card to swipe upon arrival. A biometric scanner on the other hand requires a fingerprint or an eye scan for attendance.

Accurate Data Collection
The very first advantage of automated time and attendance systems is that of accuracy in data. Employee arrival times can be calculated to the nearest second eliminating any confusion regarding late arrivals or absences. Clocking out at the time of departure allows employers to calculate the number of hours spent at the workplace making the calculation of pay easier, especially if the salary is on an hourly basis.

These systems make employees much more accountable for the work done and the time spent at the workplace. Once employees realize that times are being accurately and strictly monitored, they are more liable to show up on time and avoid absences. This monitoring also allows employers to keep less productive employees in check and give warnings when due.

Time Theft
The problem faced by employers when manual systems such as card punching were used was that of rounding figures off. This was left to the discretion of the employer but was usually made in favor of the employee. These minutes accumulated when employees punched out for breaks, departures and arrivals. Accurate records of times allow error-free and clear representation of data which cannot be manipulated by employees. Another problem was that of ‘buddy punching’. An employee would punch in the card of another who was running late or was absent. This meant that the employee was still receiving pay for the day that they did not work, generating a loss for the company. Personalized, automated cards and biometric scanners make it impossible for employees to commit time theft.

Increased Security
These automated time and attendance schedules are usually equipped with restrictions on entry. They allow employer to identify who enters their premises and when they leave. Any suspicious persons can be monitored and tracked. Cards can also be optimized to provide access to sensitive areas to limited persons. This is best implemented within banks where some areas have restricted access.

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