3 Tips For Managing Staff Availability in Maximo

3 Tips For Managing Staff Availability in Maximo

Maximo can provide companies with large numbers of heavy assets an invaluable tool for tracking the work that needs to be done in order to prevent costly shutdowns through the loss of equipment. Companies invest significant resources into managing Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Corrective Maintenance (CM) to help ensure that work orders are completed in a timely fashion.

One of the tools that Maximo provides for managing the work that needs to be performed is Maximo Assignment Manager. The Assignment Manager allows Planners and Schedulers to assign work orders to staff, and to ensure that the staff that they are assigning are qualified to perform the work.

Managing Staff Availability inside of Maximo can be a tricky proposition, however. Planners and Schedulers need to manage staff time in multiple places, which often results in Schedulers keeping track of Staff Availability in their heads. This is a recipe for failure, as the needs of an organization can quickly change.

To make it easier to manage Staff Availability, Planners and Schedulers should follow these three simple tips:

Maintain a central repository for leave requests. By having all leave requests and approved leave in one place, it makes it easier for multiple schedulers to know what is going on across the company. If one Scheduler is absent, another can pick up the work without worrying about whether all contingencies are planned for.

Provide an electronic method for managing leave. Employees want to know that they are being treated fairly, and they want to know that their requests are being handled orderly. By providing an electronic method to handle leave requests, employees can track the status of their leave requests, and know when to follow up on the requests.

Match approved leave with anticipated work. This is potentially the most difficult part of a Scheduler’s job – knowing when to approve an employee’s leave request. By analyzing the PMs and CMs that need to be performed, as well as looking at the other approved requests, Schedulers can make informed decisions as to whether or not to approve leave.

By following these three tips, Planners and Schedulers can better manage staff availability and be sure that they have proper coverage for the work that needs to be performed on a daily basis. Madaa Leave Time is a tool that integrates seamlessly with Maximo Assignment Manager to solve these three issues. Contact Madaa today to see how you can better manage your Staff Availability in Maximo by pairing Madaa Leave Time with Maximo.

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